The Sound Print of Our Nation by Peter Mitchell

The Sound Print of Our Nation by Peter Mitchell

The Sound Print of our Nation:
Kia Ora Aotearoa,
I encourage you to read this message top to bottom before you make judgement of it.
Sound is what Identifies you.
Many places in the world right now have voice imprinting for security, including corporations, government departments, and confidential digital or physical security storage.
Your voice carries with it just as much if not more unique data, than your retina, face or fingerprint. Your voice empowers life and creates with its very utterance. The Aramaic word Abracadabra means ‘it will be created by the power of my own words’. You were created with voice. It rings in your fibres.
When you lose your voice, you lose your identity. When you lose the sound of your being, your essence or culture you lose yourself.
Aotearoa – New Zealand has a unique sound, a voice print, like no other in the world. It is graced with the call of Tui, Korimako (Bell Bird), Kereru (Wood pigeon), Kea (Alpine Parrot), Piwakawaka (The Fantail), Takehe, Ruru (Morepork, owl) and many more. The sound of breaking waves, running rivers, gentle streams, rapid rivers and the wind on the mountains. It has the sound of the rumbling earth, rolling stones, sliding shale in the southern mountain faces, and bubbling mud pools. It also has the sound of her people her Tangata Whenua.
There are other sounds in the frequency of New Zealand. The Pukaea, (Maori Wooden Trumpet), Putatara, Pumoana (Conch Trumpets) Tetere (Falx Trumpet) The Purerehua (Wind Instrument, the voice of mothers), Puoro, Putorino, Putatara, Koauau, Porutu, Whio, Rheu, Nguru, Pumotomoto (Wooden and bone flutes of different types and sizes) Hue Puruwai, Pakuru, Roria and many other Maori Indigenous Instruments. In no way is this list exhaustive or detailed and nor do I for one moment espouse to be an expert but rather very limited in my knowledge of Maori artforms of music.
What I do know is these instruments were considered as “voices in their own right” and were used in personal contemplation or meditation, the passing of wisdom or knowledge, to warn and alert, or as worship or connection to God or the Spiritual Realm. These instruments have never been altered and kept the true resonance of their sound even though some were hidden from use for the best part of a century. These beautiful instruments were silenced through fearful ignorance on the part of my own forbears taking away the voice, the harmony and tranquillity of a people, taking the soul from the whenua, and silencing the wairua, the soul or the spirit of the people. These voices harmonise with the frequency of Aotearoa, and thankfully are being restored not only as instruments and artforms of their own, but in practices of healing, and even in contemporary worship in Christian churches and other expressions of spiritual nature. What was once wrongfully considered as off limits and evil is now being welcomed as the sound and voice print belonging to a nation, and the Restoration of the Indigenous voice.
Why am I saying this?
Why am I talking about this in some detail yet so limited in my capacity? For one reason, when your voice is taken from you, you lose your mana, your essence, your power, when you lose your power and your voice, you lose your identity, you lose your freedom, when you lose your identity and freedom – another will attempt to subject you to bondage and tell you what your identity is and insist that you incline your ear to the voice print of another.
This is not new, this attack on the freedom on mankind and his / her identity has been around since the garden of Eden should you believe in it or not. A voice opposing and contravening to the purity of the environment you were created to be in. A voice that says you had to be something else or do something else to be who you were already beautifully and wonderfully created to be, a voice that says you are not good enough as you already are.
When such a sound rises against you, and when the voice print does not harmonize with who you are in your essence, when it cuts across your grain, its ripples discord through your being. When it cuts through your culture, or your whenua, your land it displeases and grates at the very core and fibre of your being, because it does not resonate in harmony with your soul. You just know it is not right for you.
There are and have been times and seasons where the sound of this nation has certainly been challenged and violated. It’s not my goal to ascribe blame or target as to who, how or when this has taken place as we all know of violations and even the violations, we have committed ourselves. I certainly cannot say that I have not been the trauma of affliction to others because I know I have, causing my own voice to be out of harmony with myself, my family and my environment.
When a person or a people or a collective loses their voice, they lose their power, their mana, and their identity begins to be eroded. When hatred and violence and vengeance cut across the sound of a nation it buckles and distorts in its voice print, just as when a person is ill in the depth of infirmity or grief their voice is shaped in the trauma of the weightiness upon their soul, weakening their sound and causing it to waver.
In Aotearoa there has been a weakening of the strength of her voice.
There are times gone by where the voice print of our nation has been strangled, and even my own forebears have acted both as perpetrator, and healer. When the indigenous tongue was forbidden and almost gone the voice of the land wavered in sickness and frailty and nearly made completely mute.
Yet two voices and two peoples at one time made an agreement that their voices would be heard together, and our nation as we know it today was re-founded upon an agreement a world-renowned agreement, in fact a treaty unlike any other in the world were the Voice of Tipuna (Maori Ancestors) and Migrant Forebears partnered together at Waitangi to set in place what the future of New Zealand would look and sound like. Please don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that there has not been violations and breaches of Treaty we all know there has been, and some so short after the signing of the agreement. However – the Spirit of that agreement put into our nation a voice print and a frequency of Oneness that guides the principals of our nation today. Where and when that Treaty has been violated it has caused discord and dis-harmonisation to the soul or spirit of that agreement, resulting in pain to the ears, and broken heartedness of our nation.
Yet there have been great times where we see this One Voice arise with Power and Greatness. We see it when our All Blacks stand in rank and Haka before an on-field conquest. We hear the sound arise when we champion our athletes in their domain. We have seen her Power in battle together unified in rank and file and also separated in different combat zones, yet still brothers in arms for our nation’s sake, our Maori Battalion being fiercely feared in the heat of battle, our horsemen and infantry revered in other lands.
We see the voice of brothers and sisters standing united in our ANZAC Day celebrations, and I remember well one frosty morning as a teen standing to attention at the cenotaph in Whanganui as the last of gun salutes cracked the air followed by silence as the sun was attempting to break through darkness, the sounds of birds and nature erupting in triumphant agreement imprinting their voice indelibly upon the soul of our nation, creating a lasting memory in my being.
When these two voices have risen truly as one, and two hearts have beaten as one, there has been harmony, prosperity and greatness in our land.
These are the Voice Prints, and the Identity of this great nation, God’s own, where our peoples both migrant Manuhiri (visitors) from far and wide have been welcomed and established as one people Tangata Whenua in Treaty by coming through the front door and by way of the Indigenous gate keepers of this land.
At this time a voice of togetherness was established, not unlike two families joining together in marriage. In a marriage you don’t fully understand all of each other’s ways, your family background can be vastly different, your tribal or ethnic cultural practices different and your vocabulary and understanding diverse, yet you have chosen as two to walk as one. You both are migrants to a new land of destiny and future together having to leave behind part of your past to unitedly fulfil your own destiny and purpose. In the embrace of your intimacy the seed of your love creates offspring, a new breed who are not migrants into your future, no they are born as natives in the origin of a new grace, a new hope, a new love and identity, an entirely new type and breed of people, there is in fact no other like them, though many may be very similar. They are unique.
In our partnership in this land this identity was sealed under the understanding of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ even as Samuel Marsden had brought a voice of grace and salvation to New Zealand. (I know this good news has been misrepresented, it has been abused and for some at times has been other than good news, however) The shepherding voice of Marsden was received with acceptance and joy. (It is such a deplorable shame of the abuses that followed and my goal here is to acknowledge that but not to point against it.) None the less Marsden and the Gospel imprinted the Voice of Aotearoa, that is our undeniable history.
In this beautiful land this marriage (not one without difficulty) has in commitment of covenant forged its way forward without divorce despite the many obstacles and hurdles it has navigated, and through time has developed both aspects of Maori and European culture but also the culture of the offspring that we refer to as our Kiwi Culture. The child cry of this breed in itself has imprinted to the Voice and Frequency of this nation.
Should we like it or not we are linked to the responsibly as sons and daughters of this land to ensure that the Voice of this land continues in the Harmony and Frequency of Waitangi, and when an irregularity should grate across that hirea (sound) then together as one people with one voice we should rise up against it, to ensure our whenua is well protected and surrounded with both strength and love.
Into this relationship our land has seen many from the Polynesian Islands come and bring with them, their expressions of culture and food, and the friendly sounds of the pacific islands, and their own version of sound and culture which has added to the Voice Print and DNA of the people of this land. We saw long ago the Chinese come and work the ground, roads and rail ways and goldfields literally paving a way on their backs into the land opening new access apart from rivers into her unreachable places especially in the southern gravelled mountains of Otago. Our land is numbered many with the uniting of Maori, Chinese and European. The dalmatians came to our Northern lands logging and digging for Kauri and intermarrying springing forth the generations of Tarara bringing addition to the culture and Sound Print of this land.
So many have been added from then on certainly stretching and moulding this Land of the Long White Cloud. Although at times has tested the Spirit (the Wirua) of the people, this land has remained reasonably harmonious and each culture has brought colour, food, vibrancy, worship, stories, arts, literature and gods of their own. The Japanese, the Indian, the Hindu, The Buddhist, The Tao, The Shinto, the Atheist, cultures upon and within cultures, and races with in races, people within peoples, and all versions of language and belief. Yet all have found their ways to fit into and merge within the bond of love, and the freedoms found within the confines of our shores.
New Zealand has been a safe haven for all who have come to her shores mostly until March of 2019.
Overall this immigration has harmonised within the marriage covenant of two peoples and God. In fact, the founding principles of our nation and our laws are built upon these very statutes.
To take God from the foundation of the nation would have meant to have no virtue or truth to hold together the fabric of our society and would have voided the very essence of reason and have provided for nothing to build guidance to Treaty upon. There would be no plumb line or moral compass, and nor the foundation for law and governance. So why are we so eager to throw it all away now?
This culture and our founding identity, this voice print resonates as to who we are. When we lose our defining culture within a marriage between two peoples, and then introduce others into the bonds of that relationship we get confusion, which would lead to certain chaos. However, when you have secured boundaries and firm values within your steadfast relationship, you are able to bring others to the security of your bond without breaking the fabric of oneness.
Without steadfast guiding principles, without long term vision, without core values and without God or a value outside of yourself (or ourselves) it is difficult if not impossible to create culture and a lasting voice print of being. A continuous resonating frequency.
Any attempt to claw at or undermine culture from any stance other than by way of the front door and through consultative constructive invitation is in fact an attempt to weave disharmony into the very fabric of the whole.
In other words, If I don’t know you, you have no right to come into my house and tell me how to live, what to wear, how to shop, how to eat and how to worship and who to worship or who not to. You have no right to speak to my relationship or my children. You must knock at my door, disarm yourself, be vulnerable, fully identify yourself and who is with you, and come into my home according to my values and at my grace and generosity. You may sit at my table and eat of my food, and drink of my wine, but there is certain rooms and customs that are sacred only to my wife and I am my family. We get to know each other over time, but there must still be boundaries.
We have already gone through dark days in our country in this covenant of two peoples where my own people have tried to rudely and forcibly dictate, culture, dress and doctrine upon the other party, causing great ripples across the frequency of our nation. Without going into the past or sounding ignorant we have had in days gone by tribe do similar unto tribe. Yet some how we have managed to ring true and stay in pulse and beat to the undercurrent ripple that has given life to the collective soul of our nation.
Yet at no time in our History has this been demanded from the houses of parliament until these recent days.
Of recent times – we have thrown out of our government statutes and our parliament the name of the God of whom we founded our new nations history upon. We discarded the name Jesus Christ from our nation’s office, and in doing so we took from the Voice Print and the DNA of our Kiwi culture losing our connection to the guidance of the life-giving force empowering the covenant of our two peoples. We have left this space vacant and discarded the honour of Wiarua Tapu (The Holy Spirit of God) and His hand moving upon and gracing over the whenua. It is impossible therefore to have covenant treaty without the hand of the almighty Io Matua Kore as the third party as was recognised in Ihu Karaiti, Jesus Christ by our forefathers and Tipuna who signed and documented the Treaty.
We stood by and silently let the political and unseen powers (natural and spiritual should we believe in them or not) successfully assault at the identity, culture and guiding force of our nation and the foundation of who we are. We have allowed them to strike a cut so deep into the fabric of the Sound and Voice Print of our nation that it has sent seemingly unrepairable ripples and distortions into the very fabric of our life and existence, and the soul of this nation. Yet we now in this hour have a choice to make change to restore her.
And after striking such a low blow as to remove the name of God from our nations documents of composition via the deceitful form guided by Mr Trevor Mallard, now our current Prime Minister and Government in a humanist move removes laws of blasphemy, this in itself does not really hurt our society, however the vacuume it leaves is foreboding to say the least. There is already room, and has been generously demonstrated in this beautiful country for the freedom of expression in worship and religion, there has been forms of pluralism in this country since before a white man ever set his foot upon the sandy beaches.
The threatening issue becomes one of hate speech and then the crimes of hate speech. Until recent times in New Zealand there is no one religion that demands penalty for speak against its god, deity or belief system. For goodness sake, people have been cussing the name of Jesus using the F bomb before this name like a prefix for well over a century. People have been referring to Christians as F Christians and God Botherer’s since before I can remember, including some believers themselves. I have been in a pub many a time hearing a catholic or two using the name of the Lord ‘in vain’ talking to a priest swallowing a pint at the same time or used as a cuss when a tradie belts his finger with a hammer. My argument is not to point this out or to speak to its inappropriateness, but more to put light on the fact that this has not rippled the fabric of our Kiwi Culture or society as a whole, even if some may have been offended to some degree, we remained with the “She’ll be right mate” attitude. It has not cut deep or across the holistic Voice Print of our nation.
However, there is a different sounding Voice that has in recent times of our history entered our Nation that demands one hundred percent allegiance, that you cannot speak against its entity, its book or its founder.
Furthermore, this voice demands that everyone pays a tax or fee for ensuring its food choices are imposed on all, whilst it reaps the benefits. Be your view of this as right or wrong is not what really what matters, what we need to do challenge its outrageous stance in light of the Treaty of Waitangi, and the founding principles of our nation is, does this demanding voice have right to manipulate and control our nation. Moreover, it demands by racial and religious unacceptance on society that it must be gratified and satisfied as the centre of attention as a minority even though represents more than 1 billion upon the planet.
How can another voice come and demand from Maori, demand from the partnership of our nation that we all must pay a fee to this god, this voice, this ideology? How it is that Tangata Whenua who raise cattle beef, sheep, or produce upon their own land, take water from their rivers, use the airways, and energy and fuel from her earth must now pay a fee to eat the produce of their own nation and transport at extra fee upon her own roads. I would suggest this is a direct violation of the Treaty of Waitangi and the premise and spirit of our founding fathers, and must be interjected and challenged at once.
Without expanding on this but this is, the crux of the matter needs to be questioned.
If a Voice Foreign to the Voice Print of Aotearoa suggests for one moment that you ‘need’ something else, ‘pay’ something else or to ‘look like’ someone else, to appease that ideology or voice in order for you “to be who you already are”, then that voice is a lie to the very fabric of the nation, and to the frequency and essence of who you already are. This is not the same sound of this nation, it clashes with who we are, it is not productive, nor conducive and it is counter to the harmonies within the soul of Aotearoa.
If such a sound slices and grates across the nature of who you are and causes you to lose or question your identity, then you must question the validity of that voice and what is right for you and the future of your country and the future of your generations.
In this time, you must know who you are.
You must know where you come from.
You need to know your identity, and you need to be proud of who you are.
You must know where you are heading to and what is your compass and your road map of exactly how to get there.
Our nations compass and road map is documented in our Treaty. Yet some are trying to erase it.
You need to be Kiwi, you need to be Maori, or European or both or three of more in one, as that is who we have become in our nation.
We need to secure our future generations in the light of the road map penned in our past to ensure the steadfast peace and security of our culture in the times coming and have now in fact come.
You have the freedom to be indigenous to your own origin and religion such as Chinese or Japanese, Pacific Islander, Iraqi, Red Indian, African, West Indian or other but if you are a resident or citizen of this place you must first and foremost become and identify as The People of this Land. You must harmonize to the Voice Print of this Nation.
New Zealand I want to Inspire you that this is your hour of greatness, this is the hour of shining with all your glory.
This is the Hour where the Indigenous Voice Print of Aotearoa Must Sound Loud, Clear Like a Trumpet Call, Like a Beacon of Light in the Darkness.
New Zealand this is not a time for your voice to be silent, infirm or frail, it is time for your voice to be loud, proud and strong.
If you don’t know who you are, someone will try to force you to be someone else, and they will do it fast and they will do it effectively.
This is a time for our Maori Leaders to arise as one voice. A time for our Church Leaders to not be silent. You were told to let your Light Shine that all men might see. A time for our multi ethnicity leaders to unite and stand in accord with the Voice Print of our land and for our business people to invest in our today and secure our tomorrow, and our real leaders to multiply and to beget leaders.
There is much room in our beautiful nation for more, but it is “our nation” and it is we the people who must decide the integrity of our tomorrow, not the few backers of self-interest and the seekers of global alignment or those in governance to decide our tomorrows. Our tomorrow must have the same true sound and Voice Print of Aotearoa or we will come apart at the seams. You can not let your government dictate your future, you must dictate the future to them whilst remaining true to the road map and compass line.
This is not a time for argument, it’s not a time for utu (revenge), it’s not a time for raruraru (anger) even though angry and hurt we may be, we can not let the sun fall upon our anger lest we be angry without cessation. We must forgive and take the intense ripples out of the frequency of our nation, for forgiveness sets us free from our own prisons.
This is the time when you need to ask yourself – If – ‘they are us’ –– THEN WHO ARE WE?
And when you ask Who are we? It forces you to ask who am I? and what am I positively responsible for in this land?
Not obligated to. Obligation will leave you forever short of passion.
If you don’t know who you are, you will not have a voice.
If you don’t have a voice you will have no power, and without power you will not have a destiny.
Our forefathers both Maori and European, Imprinted a Sound to our Nation. They Spoke and they Wrote a Vision of New Zealand – Aotearoa, they established in their wisdom the framework of our country and the frequency it runs by. They looked beyond themselves and prophesied at a land filled with long-term peace, understanding and of mutual benefit.
When the harmonic balance of a wheel gets out of sync it begins to self-destruct. We can not let this happen.
I do not espouse to be an accurate interpreter of the Treaty of Waitangi, I fall far too short really of even mentioning such words. I do not pretend to understand Maori or the kaupapa, for I am not Maori, I am but a friend and a listener and I most likely have my white falla filters on at that, so I am trying to have ears to hear.
I am not a politician – I do not want to be. I am not a racist may I ever be free of this, I hate racism, but some may call me as such. I am not a religious – I hate religion it binds people up.
I am a Freedom Fighter and I will Fight for the Freedom of Aotearoa my beloved country and the land of my children and their children. They are natives to this land because they are born here, this land is part of who they are – it becomes their living voice print and they must have a say in it, however our fathers and mothers of today, must point to the road map and the compass, so that they know where they are heading to – or else we have gravely failed these generations.
I am just me I am Christian and Ihu Karaiti (Jesus Christ), is my Lord and you may hate me for this like many are hated throughout the word and throughout the ages. However it is well documented and in the spoken story of our country that Ihu Karaiti graced this land with his presence long before a white man ever set his foot upon this soil.
The very essence of Jesus is to give grace and freedom to others and to empower all with freedom of choice.
The bible says in Galatians 5:1– For freedom sake Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.
We must prevent any form of submission and slavery in our nation at all cost to ourselves for the sake of those who are to come.
It is not the position of me or anyone to suggest whom you must worship, whom you must give your life to, who is or is not your God, you must be free, for that is the entire purpose for which the Christ himself came.
In rounding this out, if you don’t know who you are, if you don’t know who you belong to, someone will try to enslave you to be someone or something who you are not. That falsity will cut across the very fabric and nature of your being and destroy the song, the vibrant sound of who you are.
Bob Dylan penned this in a song; You gotta serve somebody, it might be the devil it might be the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody.
I did not bring this up to challenge a religious belief, I brought it up for one reason.
If you don’t know who you are and what you stand for, and what you are giving yourself to in this life, then someone or something will demand your life from you. If you can’t serve a cause, someone or something will put you into servitude. The Result is Oppression.
You need to get a vision of your world. You need to get a vision for your future and the values of your whanau (family), and you need to speak to the destiny of your tomorrow, or someone will cut in on you and enslave you to a false destiny and one that does not represent who you are.
It’s time for the silent to ring loud. Its time for the warrior to arise, for Nga Tangata Toa to awaken and stand in your land and fight for your future, not with your hands but with you heart, strength and mind. Its time for conservative people to no longer be lulled into your slumber of complacency but to let your voice be heard. If you can’t speak alone then join your voice with the voice of others. And make a Sound. Make a Voice Imprint in your land.
If you are a son or a daughter of this land of New Zealand, then it is time to put the Zeal back into the Land.
It is the time of New Zeal. Zeal is passion, energy, purpose, hope, emotion, and desire.
It’s time to desire your future. Desire the Vision your forefathers could only imagine and fulfil it.
Get the Frequency of the nation right and let it beat and pulse in time and in harmony with the Voice Print of this nation.
Let the Sound of New Zealand arise and burst forth with New Song. The sound from the oceans to the mountain tops and the ancient to the modern. We have the best singers and greatest dancers in the world.
Know who you are, don’t let anyone fool you as to who you are not, and stand in the land as One-man.
Its time to release a sound of forgiveness, and great love, and accept that in this hour of struggle there is exceedingly great grace for you, for all of us, to arise to our greatest future.
Fathers give your children an Identity even if you have no money you have a voice and a story.
Whanau this is your time to shine.
We need hope – like the hope our forefathers saw for our nation. We need leaders like that today.
I speak to the prophetic future of our nation. I call the scales to drop from your eyes, and the giant of who you are to be Awakened and Revived. I call you strong. I call you united. I call you prosperous. I call you beautiful. You at the ends of the earth full of light and grace and power I call you to shine. I call you to harmony, I call you to Oneness, I call you to Glory and I call in your Prophetic God Ordained Destiny your Voice Print and the Frequency to shatter injustice, shame discord. I call the families of the Tents of Ishmael to find their inheritance in the blessings of Abraham, Isacc and Jacob in this shining glorious land, without strife, bitterness, envy or hate and that the blessings of the Lord to all of God’s children in this land would make us rich and bountiful and add to us not one drop of sorrow.
May our mountains ever be freedoms ramparts on the sea, make us faithful unto Thee, God defend our free land. Guide her in our nations van, preaching love and truth to man, working out Thy glorious plan, God defend New Zealand.
Kia Kaha Aotearoa – Be Strong and Courageous
A small but deep voice in me calling to the deep and greatness in you and the greatness of the hand of almighty God.
May God Bless New Zealand
I’ll own it. Peter Mitchell
A Kiwi 25/03/2019


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