A blog from a Sentinel

A blog from a Sentinel

I’ve started preaching through Nehemiah – the man who rebuilt the city walls torn down and damaged by fire. Last Sunday we reminded ourselves that yes we live in interesting times, and there is lots of brokenness including broken walls in our world.
Contrary to (North American) opinion walls are not necessarily bad things, because they set perimeters, they mark boundaries and they protect. In our world walls of decency and gates that protect the young, the innocent and the unborn have been torn down and are burned with fire.
The battle in the United States over whether to have walls or not, or who should be in and who should be out (in Office and in the country) has less to do with physical walls and more to do with a clash of ideologies. And I suspect there is a move of the Spirit through a Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of decency and the gates of innocence… and of course not everyone is happy about it: Nehemiah 2:10 When Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite official heard about this, they were very much disturbed that someone had come to promote the welfare of the Israelites.
There are Horonites and Ammonites in our world who do not want the walls of decency and the gates of integrity and morality rebuilt.
You may have seen on the internet news where hundreds of thousands of witches globally are casting spells and cursing Donald Trump to remove him from office. Perhaps you have not thought about the significance of that? That is totally unprecedented in all human history, never before has the enemy marshalled his forces against one global figurehead Leader, never before! The curses they are encouraging others to cast are readily available on line.
What is with the significance of Trump?
Perhaps he’s a Nehemiah!
The devil must be really afraid of something, someone or of an up coming event to be marshalling all his forces to curse the man.
But of more concern is that there are now millions of people around the planet who have never had involvement with with curses or spells before who because of popular culture, will bring curses on themselves and open doors to darkness by cursing Trump – because we reap what we sow. Jesus said “Bless, do not curse!”
So we are witnessing right now in our world this clash of two kingdoms, light and darkness and we will likely see similar battles between popular culture and Kingdom culture, light and darkness in our nation very soon.
This is a time when most Christians – if not most people, are longing for stability at a time when they should be longing for change – if necessary at the expense of stability.
So I encouraged our church from Nehemiah to:
1) Let something disturb us in 2017
2) Know the Word and remind God of it
3) Get a Higher (God’s) Perspective
4) By all means mourn and grieve at the broken walls, but if something ticks us off, we are likely the agent of change
5) Turn concern, grief, anger or frustration into intercession
Blessings from the Wall

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